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WTF Parkrun League is up and running

People had been asking for another team based community challenge and our very own Bemma came up with the idea of our new Parkrun league.

We are very excited to have friends old and new signed up and taking part. The teams were announced ahead of the first weekend of the league and the teams first crucial task was to decide on their team names.

The 11 teams are:

  • TeamAwkward

  • Sexy Sign Seekers

  • Cirque Du Sore Legs

  • Southern Gravy

  • TeamWiiiiiiiidnes

  • The Beasts From The South East

  • Armageddontired

  • Team West Coast

  • Stoic Slammers

  • Cirque Du Better Than Them

  • Team Wattsioccurring

Last weekend, the teams got off to a flying start with people running, volunteering and smashing PBs at various parkruns across the UK and beyond in order to get points for their teams.

The week 1 results show Team West Coast taking an early lead with TeamAwkward and Sexy Sign Seekers in hot pursuit.

There are plenty of weeks ahead where anything could happen and everything could change. We cant wait to see and hear how the teams get on in the upcoming weeks throughout series 7.


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