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At What The Fartlek we have had the absolute honour of working with, interviewing and meeting some of the incredible businesses that make up an integral part of our running community.

We take great pride in supporting and promoting brands, products and companies that we truly believe in and have struck up some great relationships as a result of this.

Below is a list of some of the great teams out there that we think you should check out (there are even a few cheeky discounts thrown in there if you tell them we sent you).

Twisted Running are the home of all our latest WTF merchandise needs.  Their team of designers create t-shirt designs that capture the essence of a brand and leave lasting impressions through eye-catching logos and vibrant graphics.   

Their state of the art printing technology and premium materials ensure that each item has crisp colours, sharp lines and feels amazing.

Check out their website to check out their ranges and our awesome merchandise.


The home of the 100% waterproof robe built for active and outdoors people!

Their robes will keep you wrapped(!) up warm and dry no matter what the weather throws at you and are perfect for runners and everyone alike.


Check out their website to see their awesome robes and use the code WTF for 10% off your order.

We love Rasselbock - the location of our annual January meetup.  Eric and the team put on laid back, inclusive and supportive events at some of the most stunning locations.  Running a Rasselbock event is just like getting a 6 hour hug... in a forest.

Use the code WTF10 to get 10% off site wide and check out Eric's chat with us HERE.


Ever wondered what to do with those old race t-shirts?  You know, the sentimental ones that you'll never wear but mean too much to throw out.  Well Medal Munchers can help you create a timeless (and adorable) keepsake to remember your race.  Find out about Morty and the whole gang over on their website now.

Use the code WTF10 for 10% off and peep Rob's chat with founder Chris HERE.

Our pals at Coopah are reinventing online run coaching through their interactive, easy to use app based coaching solution.  But its not just about the plan for Coopah, they are building a community of supportive, like minded people all on the road to improving their running.

Coopah have kindly offered Fartlek Family a free month trial of their paid plan using the code WHATTHEFARTLEK via this link:

Don't miss our sit down with the Coopah boys where we find out more about their service HERE.

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