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Sign up for our 2nd WTF Parkrun Cup

Here we go again!! 2023 is here and so is our first community challenge of the year - the 2nd annual WTF Parkrun Cup. What a great way to kickstart the new year running motivation.

Our games masters Ben and Emma are on hand and ready to go, so all we need is you.

The rules are simple, and everyone is welcome. Your pace isn't important as our handicap system means the winner isn't necessarily the quickest.

What's involved:

  • A knockout tournament handicapped to your Parkrun PB

  • A Fartlek family meet up for the final and a trophy up for grabs

  • Connect with fellow runners virtually or in person

  • A launch night in January with Ben and Emma's infamous live draw

  • Commitment to provide volunteer hours to local parkruns throughout the year

Starting on 28th January - can you join our 2022 winners on the wall of fame? If you're new to the Fartlek family, this is a perfect way to get started. Everyone is welcome to join in.

If you wish to sign up, check out our Google signup link below and get involved:

Full details of how the cup works are detailed further below.

Cup details:

Our Parkrun power couple Ben and Emma are the games masters and will be co-ordinating all the entries and proceedings.

At each round we will give a range of dates to complete the race, meaning you can potentially have a few goes at it! (you don't have to submit your first attempt unless you only get chance to do it once in the round!). The Parkrun venue is entirely your choice.

Each round will see the remaining entrants drawn to race against another entrant. We then take your respective times to have a handicap race-off! Let’s say Rob has a 25.30 pb and Matt has 26.00 pb. At the race if Rob runs it in 25.45 (15 seconds slower than his pb) and Matt runs it in 26.10 (10 seconds slower than his pb) then Matt wins!

If you have any questions or need further info, then just drop us a DM on social media or via email ( and we will answer whatever you need to know.

It's going to be fun!


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