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£10k Charity Milestone hit!!

When we started the podcast the team decided that one of our mission statements would be to raise money for causes close to our hearts and use our platform to share the journey, laugh at our misfortune and do a bit of good!

It's been 2 and a half years of charity football matches, merchandise, waxing of very hairy men, ice bucket challenges and so much more!

We have supported some incredible charities over that time:

  • Prostate Cancer UK

  • Run 4 Your Mind

  • Make 2nds Count

  • Make A Wish

We are delighted to say we have now passed a big milestone, and have raised over £10,000 for those causes.

On behalf of the charities and the What The Fartlek core team, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated, shared and got involved in any of our causes - we see you, we appreciate you and we love you!

That's just the first chapter - we're only getting started!!


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