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Rasselbock Backyard Ultra

Paul Griffiths

Mar 22, 2023

So that’s challenge number 2 done. My proudest DNF (did not finish).

For context, everyone with the exception of the winner, gets a DNF.

I’d set myself a target of 24hours/100 miles for this one as it really was the unknown and something I wanted and believed I could achieve.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be , all was going well coming in on every yard between 45-50 minutes giving me enough time to refuel, hydrate and change anything I needed to. Around yard 6/7 the little niggle that hampered Pendle started to flare up.

My awesome crew who where chucking food and water at me also supplied the painkillers to help manage this. They started to kick in and yard 8 was good , but yard 9 ended up being my hardest and slowest literally coming in as the 3 minute whistle went so not much of a turnaround.

Quick bite to eat and water and a mini meltdown off I went.

I knew I could run/walk the course comfortably but it was soon apparent that I couldn’t run, the pain had become too much and with London only 7 weeks away I had to be sensible so took the decision to call it.

I made the long walk back and had plenty of thoughts going through my head.

Returning  back to camp and in fine Paul style, decided I was a failure and really let myself down.

Thanks to all the team for their encouraging words and although I didn’t seem grateful at the time , I knew deep down I was but it would take time to accept it .

The dust has settled and I’m so proud of what I achieved and to complete two amazing ultras in a month is amazing.

I also got to meet some of the awesome running community. Some that I had met before and some that I had only followed from afar on Instagram.

Massive thanks to Rasselbock Running for such an amazing event and congratulations to the eventual winner who completed 36 yards / 150 miles.

This was my first but certainly not my last Backyard Ultra, I will be back.

Fundraising has surpassed my first target of £1000 and closing in on £1500 as we speak all in aid of Mind Mental Health Charity.

Paul Griffiths is fundraising for Mind (

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