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Make Matt Run - Summer Showdown

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

It’s back, it's bigger than ever and this time it has a twist.

We are delighted to announce the return of our Most Miles Wins Community Challenge following on the success from our first battle back in Series 2.

For those of you who may not know, Matt and Rob led teams of our Fartlek family in a 10 week war to see who could run the most miles. We threw in some bonus challenges that led to the guys in fancy dress, running at 4am and scavenging for their local Greggs.

Even more excitedly we have had a massive renewed interest in participation for the new event, with close to 150 people signed up. To spice things up we have added a third team, led by editor Jack to take on the lads shoot for victory.

You can keep up to date on proceedings by tuning into Series 4 of the Podcast as our very own Statman Jon returns to fill you in, with weekly updates also added to our social media and this website.

There is still time to get involved if you would like to, it's fun, it’s free and it's designed to bring our amazing online running community a little bit closer together. Simply reach out via our CONTACT US page or drop us a message on one of the social media channels

We kick off on 5th July, lets get ready to rumble!


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